A Day In The Life Of A Small Town Hypnotherapist

7.00: Off goes the alarm…struggle to figure out what time and day it is as I suddenly remember I have to be at the office earlier today for a Client who needs to go on to London after her session.

8.12: Stop off at ASDA to pick up bottled water for the coffee machine (stops it furring up)

8.22: “Morning Steve.”  That’s my neighbour who runs the motorcycle shop next door.  Always met with the usual “Don’t look in my eyes…..”  (sigh).  You get used to it!

8.30: Checked my prelim notes for Client and on the button she breezes in and catches me with mug of coffee in hand.  “Would you like one?”  “No thanks I really have to make the train.”  That’s great because it means she’s already ready to go.  “OK, then just sit down there for me…..give me your hand……..

8.50: She leaves the shop.  Yep, all done.  Rapid induction, very straightforward and strong suggestions that she is MORE than capable of nailing this meeting with her razor sharp brain and intellect…..!  Parting words from her?  “Brilliant Malcolm, thank you, bring it bloody on!”  I watch her march off towards the station with a smile on my face.  PayPal took the funds for me.  Damn I love this job!

9.05: Nip round the shop because I’ve run out of milk.  Bump into a couple of the locals and tell them not to forget that I’ve got a couple of places coming up on the Weight loss programme they’d queried.  Gave them a card each again and wrote my ‘personal’ mobile number on the back for them there and then.  Personal contact!  Can’t beat it!

10.15: My first Weight Loss programme Client of this week.  Three weeks in and she’s another lbs down and loving it!  Can I boost her up again?  Of course I can my Lovely, just sit down there nice and comfy….now…… just watch my finger…..watch my finger….(already conditioned and looking forward to the experience.  Nice!)

12.30:  Round the café for a sandwich and coffee and see who’s in there I can pick on!  In the nicest possible way of course. 

14.00: My afternoon Client for anxiety.  Worried, shaky, looking very tense, so a little chat first and get her to smile a bit, start working up an empathy and get her to start ‘agreeing’ with me and relaxing her about the whole process then with no warning just take her hand and down she goes. Give her a nice gentle time for half an hour.  Let her feel really good about herself and her surroundings.  She leaves with her head up and keeps telling me that, “that was so weird…..ooer!” Put some post suggestions in there because she said that she was meeting a friend who she doesn’t really get on with too well.  She will today!

15.17: Switch on Facebook, see what my colleagues are up to……ayeup it’s Steve’s Birthday.  Better answer that one.  Post up a couple of things, pick up a useful tip from one and make arrangements to meet up with another next week for a chat.  Arrange a Skype with a close colleague for tomorrow.

15.40: Get Publisher up on the screen and design a new ‘ad’ to go out on Facebook this evening. They really seem to work well sometimes…..you just never quite know when!  Decide on the spur of the moment to do a live video so just switch on the ‘phone camera and let everyone know that the Weight loss Programme is underpinned by hypnosis and I’m the one to come to, to get that very special expertise………….then wait forever for it to load!

16.10: A call from a lady who is struggling with a fear of heights, can I help?  Yep.  Course I can. Makes an appointment for next week.

16.20: Chap walks in and asks if I can treat addictions.  Very short conversation and I can tell that he is in a bad way and actually borderline psychotic.  I use a bit of open eye hypnosis and manage to persuade him that he needs to see his GP first and they will refer him if they think suitable for my kind of support.  He’s not too happy.  But it’s obvious that he just thought that he could walk in, walk out and everything’s sorted.  Poor chap but he needs proper mainstream medication under the care of an NHS Professional initially at least.  I can help with withdrawal and rebuild using hypnosis, kinetic shift, psychological support, CBT etc., but always play safe for you and the Client and know your limits.

17:00: Chap comes in for his anger management session.  To be honest, he’s seen an amazing change right from the first session,  but he’ll ring in and ask if he can be ‘topped up’ occasionally. It’s his way of convincing himself that he really is different now and ‘making amends’ to his family by being able to tell them that he is ‘getting proper help’ as he puts it.  Lovely chap.  Abused as a child (which we dealt with on the first session) and never really picked the right role models.  But a changed man now.  He’s lost his job (again!) so we end up having a morale boosting chat and hatching a plan to get him back to work again for more time than the therapy session took.  But that’s all part of my job and my passion.  He leaves nearly two hours later!  LOL!

18.51: Lock up the shop and set off home.  Only 10 minutes away.  Ring my other half because my ‘phone has been off for the past two hours during the session. 

19.10: We sit and eat dinner, talking about our days and sounding each other out with thoughts and plans.  Decide to open a bottle of red.  I can hear my ‘phone pinging in the background, got to be checked!

20.00: Both on our laptops checking emails and doing the admin.  Dealt with a couple of Facebook strings on my ‘phone.  Spend a bit of time figuring out how the funds are going to stretch this month and can we afford a treat meal down the Alma next Friday. Read up on a technique for children that I’m not familiar with.

21.00:  Both arrive in bed to watch a bit of TV drama.  It’s the only thing we watch nowadays.  As usual she falls asleep after about 20 minutes and wakes up when I turn off the TV asking, “who did it then?”  I explain of course!  Set the alarm, realise that I didn’t ‘phone those people about the internet issues at work, suddenly remember that I have to take the car in for MOT in the morning and that’s going to clash with a Client arriving.  I still haven’t sorted out the stupid electric bill I got last week that is obviously for the whole street………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thank you and Have a Great Day!!!!

Malcolm Harmer

Psychologist, Hypnotist and UK Hypnosis Academy Trainer 

The Hypnotherapy Clinic


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