Australia Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training

Australia Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

The UK Hypnosis Academy has opened a new office with our Australian training team in Melbourne, Australia.

The UK Hypnosis Academy team started their training in-conjunction with the curriculum, assessments and CPD standards we us globally for our training team.

The courses the teams will offer

UK Hypnosis Academy Hypnosis Diploma

Kinetic Shift Practitioners

Hypnosis Foundation Courses

The team will take you Hypnosis inductions, Safety, Hypnosis principles and much more….but most importantly CONFIDENCE

Belief – Intent and Confidence are the primary assets and attributes a Hypnotherapist needs… not just techniques to be successful. Our team will help you develop them.

So take a look at our site and if you would like to learn how the UK Hypnosis academy has become one of the leads in modern Hypnosis please talk to the team.

We have taught 000s of students in over 30 countries, we believe in practical Hypnosis skills then we support your development after the course with theory.

So meet the team

Jeff Hopkins
Wendy Mcnish
Paul Harrison

Contact the team to discuss your personal or team needs in Australia\

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  1. Hi, my name is Tim Thornton. I attended the recent AACHP online Zoom meeting where Karl gave a training/presentation. At the end of this he offered a discounted online training. Could you please help me with some details of how to attend this.Many thanks, Tim.

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