Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT training

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a process of what has become known as “Energy Psychology”. A term derived from the fact that it has ‘borrowed’ techniques from a range of talk therapies and combined them with a range of techniques associated with the body’s natural Energy processes. The term itself and the processes associated have only been in existence since the late 60’s. Therefor the history of EFT per se is a short one. It is worth however at this point mentioning some of the energetic health principles it has borrowed from, the histories of which go back thousands of years.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a great way to support yourself or a great addition to any therapists skill set.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a great way to help remove stress, tension, trauma, negative thoughts or just to bring balance to your life.

This course will help you learn how to control or remove any unwanted or negative images, feelings, thoughts or emotions.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is easy to use, just follow our step by step tuition and guidance notes.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a great tool for Children or Elderly people with day to day stress or issues.

Take a look at the short course, that will change your life.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

One thought on “Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT training

  1. Hey Karl, after watching your video, YouTube suggested two other videos for me to watch, neither of them were yours. Spirit tribe was one and therapy in a nutshell the other

    Can you cut them out and have your next vid pop up instead?? I was all ready to move on within UKAcademy and it gave me an exit instead??

    The positive impact of my ONE session with you is still rolling on!! I’m going to launch my YouTube channel next week lol

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