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2 Day Hypnosis Masterclass – Los Angeles

26th October 2022 @ 10:00 am - 27th October 2022 @ 5:00 pm

Hypnosis Masterclass

Developed by Karl Smith, founder of UK Hypnosis Academy, Kinetic Shift is a fast, flexible, and effective way to practice hypnotherapy and engage your clients – with just 20 qualified trainers worldwide.

We’ve helped more than 1,500 practitioners around the globe use this intuitive, dynamic, and energy-based technique to deliver incredible results in a fraction of the time. And it’s content-free, so neither you nor your client needs to know what their problem is!

Perfect if you’re working with young people, Kinetic Shift can be used both face-to-face and over online video conferencing platforms and is a truly flexible way of helping your clients and boosting revenue for your business.

Are you lacking in confidence? 

No clients?

Do you need more focus?

Want amazing techniques that will make you stand out? 

Answer YES to one or more?

This course is for you


This Hypnosis Masterclass will not only make you confident, but It will also develop your business and credibility in the Hypnosis Profession.

We develop Hypnotists that have been let down with scripts or poor training, we want you to be at the peak of your profession and In a global market that needs your skills.

I want to work with you over 2 days, mentor you and develop you. I really want you to have the success I’ve had.

Some people can’t think past their state lines or towns, there are 8.9 Billion people in this world wanting help, even if only 00.1 of those were your clients, you would be content.

I want you to be the best, most successful, and really at the top of your game.

let me show you not only techniques that will revolutionize your skill set, but the business and networking that will explode your career.

In 2 days I will change things around in your therapy room and business or your money back! 



United Kingdom Hypnosis Academy Certification

Include Kinetic Shift in your offer and add an additional revenue stream to your business with ease.

Use Kinetic Shift alongside your current NLP & Hypnosis techniques to provide a superior service to your clients.

Deliver effective, fun, rapid change to your clients and shift their problems in a matter of minutes.

Work within a professional framework without being tied down or distracted by a set script.

Help people remove pain, anxiety, fear, stress, migraines, PTSD, phobias, negative emotions, and more.

Get more flexibility in your business by offering Kinetic Shift services over video conferencing platforms.

Work with younger clients and help children solve their issues (they don’t even have to tell you what they are!)

Use Kinetic Shift on yourself to remove negative feelings and solve problems you may be experiencing.

Get access to our Kinetic Shift Practitioners group for free updates, support, and mentoring.


What you will get


✅ Free 2 Days of Hands-on training in Los Angeles 

✅ UK Hypnosis Academy Online Diploma

✅ Mental Welfare Coach Practitioners course

✅ Access to UK Hypnosis Academy mentoring program 

✅ Your confidence, business, and lifestyle sent through the roof 


Work with one of the industries leading providers of practical hypnosis training!! It’s not often the team is in the USA, Take this moment!


Venue – Hollywood Industrial Studio, Zip 90029