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Street Hypnosis and Performance Hypnosis Course

July 1 @ 10:00 am - July 2 @ 5:00 pm

Street and Performance Hypnosis is more than just making someone think they are a chicken …..

It’s much more than that, as you’ll find out, on these 2 days of training. 


July 1st and 2nd 2023 

UK Hypnosis Academy, Woodbridge, Suffolk 

Limited Places for safety and your enjoyment 

The Ultimate Street Hypnosis and Performance Hypnosis Training is now available!

With the help of our in-depth hypnosis training programme, you can unleash the hidden power of your mind and mesmerise audiences. Our course has everything you need to succeed, whether you’re a novice looking to master street hypnosis or an experienced performer looking to advance your abilities.

Perform Hypnosis Anywhere 

Imagine having the power to sway people’s opinions and behaviour in public, in front of their very eyes. You will discover the tactics for quick trance inductions, potent suggestion patterns, and immediate inductions with the help of our Street Hypnosis training. We’ll show you how to approach strangers with assurance and put them into a profound trance quickly. You’ll learn how to construct captivating street hypnosis acts that keep audiences spellbound and begging for more. Our programme gives you the tools to leave a lasting impression, whether you’re entertaining crowds or employing hypnosis to change people’s lives.


With our Performance Hypnosis course, you may advance your hypnotic skills and stage presence. This course, which is intended for aspiring stage hypnotists and entertainers, explores the art of producing engaging acts that captivate and astound audiences. Discover the techniques for establishing rapport, developing stage presence, and writing appealing scripts that expertly induce hypnosis in willing participants. We’ll discuss the psychology of audience involvement and demonstrate how to make the most of your suggestions. Our program will teach you how to master the art of performance hypnosis and leave a lasting effect on every audience member, whether you perform in tiny settings or on grand stages.

What Will You Gain?

✅ Thorough understanding of the principles and practices of hypnosis

✅ Confidence to hypnotize people in a variety of contexts
mastery of fast hypnosis induction techniques

✅Improved interpersonal and stage presence

✅Knowledge of moral principles and ethical hypnosis techniques

✅Strategies for dealing with difficult circumstances when performing

✅ Techniques for promoting your services as a professional hypnotist

Our Knowledgeable Teachers:

Karl Smith with years of expertise in both performance and street hypnosis oversees the training and will take you on a journey that will completely change you as a hypnotist and therapist WITH……


Karl has performed for a variety of audiences all around the world and has taught the technique of hypnosis to many accomplished practitioners. Your ability to become a talented and self-assured hypnotist will be empowered by your knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching.


Don’t be a chicken 


Sign up for Our Programme Today!

Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to realise your full potential as a performance artist or street hypnotist. Enrol in our thorough training course to start your transformational journey into hypnosis. Our course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to leave an impression, whether your goals are to enthral crowds in the streets or dazzle audiences on stage. Take centre stage and start learning hypnosis right away!