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Kinetic Shift – Aberdare – 061018 – Dee Goberdhan – Andrea Edwards

Two Day Rapid Hypnosis and Kinetic Shift Practitioner’s Course

6th and 7th October 2018

Held at the Sacred Spirit Wellness Centre in Aberdare South Wales. Your trainers for this event are Andrea Edwards from Achieve Hypnosis and Dee Goberdhan from Awaken Minds eye. Andrea and Dee are both qualified, experienced therapists and trainers with an enormous amount of experience.

By attending the course you will increase your confidence, experience, knowledge and practice during this two day training course. You will become a better hypnotherapist and hypnotist.

You may feel that you only want to attend one of the days. The course fees are below.

Day 1 – Rapid Hypnosis

Learn Fast and Dynamic Hypnosis Techniques

Have you been on a course and are still not sure about inductions? Are you just intrigued and want to know more? Then this day is for you.

The one day foundation course of rapid hypnosis Inductions is for therapists and beginners alike. We will peel back the layers and show you how to use rapid techniques in any environment and so get more time with your client. You will learn how to hypnotise almost anyone, anywhere.

You will learn…
1. The basics of hypnosis
2. Different rapid inductions
3. How to use them and be ethical
4. How to use rapid techniques in either clinical or performance settings.

Watch your confidence grow and in one day you will change your life.

Day 2 – The Kinetic Shift Technique

Kinetic Shift Technique in four words – Active, Intuitive, Dynamic, Energising
Kinetic Shift is a rapid method combining several different techniques to resolve fears, phobias, anxiety, weight loss, smoking, and even PTSD. We all know that we cannot express everything we want to verbally, so we all use several other methods of communication. This is the key to Kinetic Shift.

Everyone from a beginner to a seasoned therapist can use Kinetic Shift. It’s simple and fun and it can be done anywhere.

Made up of sub-modalities: confusion, metaphor, shamanistic, intuition and theatrical, Kinetic Shift technique is the complete opposite of classic methods.

The UK Hypnosis Academy has developed and tested this method and it is now being delivered all over the world by certified trainers. If you are a beginner, intrigued or a seasoned therapist, this will change your life, your business and the lives of many of those you meet.

Course Fees
One Day Rapid Hypnosis – £150.00 
One Day Kinetic Shift – £299.00 
Two Day Combined – £399.00





Two Day Combined – 061018
Two Day Combined – 061018


One Day Rapid Hypnosis – 061018
One Day Rapid Hypnosis – 061018


One Day Kinetic Shift – 061018
One Day Kinetic Shift – 061018



Dee Goberdhan

Andrea Edwards

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