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Kinetic Shift – Bournemouth – 270419 – Ian Cue, Andy Latto

You will increase your confidence, experience, knowledge and practice during this two day training course. You will become a better hypnotherapist and hypnotist.

You may feel that you only want to attend one of the days. The course fees are below.


What does the training cover?

For more information on what’s covered, please visit our Kinetic Shift page.


Your trainers

Ian Cue

Ian Cue started his journey in the self help field by first studying everything about body language, after this he became interested in everything to do with influence and persuasion. This lead him to training and becoming hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner over 10 years ago. Since then he discovered the power of these techniques and how they can help people with all kinds of issues. He set up a practise and has been helping people with all kind of issues and set up his business UMC50 (Ultimate Mental Conditioning) specialising in helping people cope under pressure. Using the UKHA technique Kinetic Shift in many of his sessions and getting amazing results. He is now very proud to be an associate trainer of the UKHA.

Andy Latto

Andy was involved in the emergency services for 39 years and was a practitioner in high risk events and was involved in management and training in these areas for 25 years. The practical use of counselling in the management and resolution of issues has been an integral part of his professional life. The use of hypnosis has assisted in him in this area to provide an additional powerful option when providing support to clients from all walks of life. His role in the academy is to evaluate, quality check and manage the academies training products and experienced team of trainers. The training delivered by the academy is accredited by The CPD Standards Office and his role is to ensure the standards are maintained and that the trainers meet the strict compliance requirements of the standards office and the academy.






Two Day Combined – 270419
Two Day Combined – 270419


One Day Rapid Hypnosis – 270419
One Day Rapid Hypnosis – 270419


One Day Kinetic Shift – 280419
One Day Kinetic Shift – 280419


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