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Kinetic Shift – Heathrow – 300319 – Karl Smith

Kinetic Shift is a method to help with Anxiety, Post Trauma, Weight loss and so much more. Its ACTIVE, INTUITIVE, DYNAMIC and ENERGISING. The key thing about Kinetic Shift and the course is not just a technique, its the experience and confidence building that goes with it.

Kinetic Shift is content free, that may astound you, the Practitioner doesn’t need to know…. in fact the client doesn’t know most of the time but that will transpire in your session and those “I never thought it was that or I thought I has dealt with that moments happen in a Kinetic Shift Session. The Kinetic Shift process is not classical therapy, its a process thats quick and will make changes fast.

Kinetic Shift has now been taught in over 16 countries in 18 months and will be increasing over the next few months, so join the Kinetic Shift Practitioners course and then be admitted to the KS peer support group for help in the future and ideas.

This is changing the way Therapists work, globally.





Kinetic Shift – Karl Smith – Mar 19 (Full Payment)
Kinetic Shift – Karl Smith – Mar 19 (Full Payment)


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