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Kinetic Shift – London – 020219 – Bev Gisborne – Graham Webber

UKHA Associate Trainers Bev Gisborne and Graham Webber are excited about delivering this course.

Bev and Graham have been working together for the last 2.5 years, delivering UKHA courses all over the UK and in Australia. Both have their own successful business’s where they regularly use the skills that they teach in this course.

Combining their life experiences and skill sets, Bev and Graham are passionate about supporting people to make real change in their lives.

Kinetic Shift is a rapid and highly effective technique often a revelation for those believing that change has to be a long and difficult process. We know that current Kinetic Shift practitioners are using this powerful tool during nearly every single therapy session for a wide range of issues. Kinetic Shift will transform your therapy practice, bringing life-changing freedom for your clients from fears, phobias, anxiety, pain and so much more.

On this Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis course, you not only learn powerful techniques, you also benefit enormously from the experience itself – building confidence as well as ongoing career development support. We are committed to delivering a fun-filled, dynamic course in a respectful learning environment.


What does the training cover?

For more information on what’s covered, please visit our Kinetic Shift page.



Your Trainers

Bev Gisborne

Graham Webber

I started learning hypnosis in 2009 to compliment my magic, bringing Street Hypnosis to my repertoire. As my confidence grew I took hypnosis to the stage. As a soldier in the British Army I entertained colleagues with my stage show. I was already helping with fears and phobias, but wanted to learn more when I learned my friend had PTSD following Op Tours. I had been talking to Karl for a while, with common interests of the Army. The rest they say is history. I’ve taught Kinetic shift all over the UK with Bev as well as Australia in 2018.







Two Day Combined – 020219
Two Day Combined – 020219


One Day Rapid Hypnosis – 020219
One Day Rapid Hypnosis – 020219


One Day Kinetic Shift – 030219
One Day Kinetic Shift – 030219


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