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PAST LIFE and INNER MATRIX – Bedford – 020219 – Karl Smith – Andy Latto

This course is open to Beginners, Intermediate and Professionals. No experience needed.

  • So were you a sailor in the armada?
  • Maybe a rich Tudor ?
  • The first to land in the Americas?
  • A Viking?
  • Has their been murder or death in your past?

If you want to learn about your past or past lives this is for you.

Learn the amazing technique of PAST LIFE and INNER MATRIX with the UK Hypnosis Academy training team.

Learn a technique that will expand your knowledge in Regression work with Hypnosis and spiritual adaptations.

We will teach you methods and techniques that you can use to take people on a mystical, magical and insightful journey into the past.

We will show you how to use safe and effective techniques to give you and the client an experience of a lifetime, that they will talk about for years.

You will learn techniques that will change your practice and your clients experience, we will even show you how to set up small parties or use this technique at fairs or festivals.

Inner Matrix will take you on a journey through your DNA and beyond.

This is 100% practical and no previous experience needed.

So what will you learn with us:

Day 1: Hypnosis Fundamentals and Hypnosis Cycle

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Hand Take
  • Magnetic Hands
  • Non Verbal Induction

Past Life Regression (PLR) input

  • What it PLR is
    • Discuss thoughts and beliefs with the class of PLR
    • Discuss spiritual and energy work
    • Explain how PLR can be used to help past, present or future issues/problems
    • How PLR can be used in business and events
    • Explain what they could experience during a PLR
  • Beliefs and Values of PLR
    • Discuss how to not Infringe belief systems
    • Discuss the importance of values
    • Explain how we should not influence and allow the PLR to guide us
  • Reactions/Abreactions
    • Explain Abreactions/Reactions
    • Discuss when an abreaction is controlled or uncontrolled
    • Explain how they are an emotional release
    • Discuss how to deal and resolve any emotional outburst or issue
    • Explain the implications of trying to resolve reactions/abreactions quickly
    • Explain the process of reassurance to a client
    • Explain how to deal with a reaction and client with a reaction
  • PLR Being the PLR operator
    • Explain the process of of PLR
    • Discuss the role of a PLR operator
    • Explain the safety and protection needed when performing PLR for you and subject
    • Discuss the creativity required
    • Explain Open and Closed questioning and its Importance
    • Discuss the importance of note taking and what to take down
    • Explain how to initiate the PLR sequence to return/journey to that life
    • Explain how taking your time and enjoying the experience is important
  • Methods of PLR
    • Explain Corridor technique
    • Explain Hand drop technique
    • Explain the Bookcase/Library technique
    • Discuss ideas on Visual, Audio, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory (VAKOG) as representational systems.
    • How VAKOG can be used in the PLR
    • Discus methods that would help identify the subject in PLR, Date and Surroundings
    • Explain the safe methods of the journey in PLR and how to enjoy the experience
  • Resolution of Issues in PLR
    • Discus how to resolve issues in PLR
  • Non Verbal Induction
    • Last Induction of Day 1

Day 2

  • Revision of Day 1
    • Revision of day one
  • Guides and Spirits
    • Discuss the use of spirits and guides
    • Discuss and Explain the role of a guide
    • Explain how to pick a guide
  • Grounding Sessions and Energy
    • Discuss how PLR can support grounding and energy alignment
  • Spiritual Enlightenment Journey
    • Explain a spiritual journey
    • Discuss VAKOG in this process
  • Hypnosis Holidays
    • Explain the process of Hypnosis Holidays
    • Discuss the process and benefits
  • Business Applications
    • PLR parties
    • Demos
    • Festivals and Fayre’s





Past Life & Inner Matrix (Early Bird Discount)
Past Life & Inner Matrix (Early Bird Discount)


Past Life & Inner Matrix (Standard Rates)
Past Life & Inner Matrix (Standard Rates)



Karl Smith

Andy Latto

Andy was involved in the emergency services for 39 years and was a practitioner in high risk events and was involved in management and training in these areas for 25 years. The practical use of counselling in the management and resolution of issues has been an integral part of his professional life. The use of hypnosis has assisted in him in this area to provide an additional powerful option when providing support to clients from all walks of life. His role in the academy is to evaluate, quality check and manage the academies training products and experienced team of trainers. The training delivered by the academy is accredited by The CPD Standards Office and his role is to ensure the standards are maintained and that the trainers meet the strict compliance requirements of the standards office and the academy.

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