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Performance Hypnosis – 020319 – Norwich – Karl Smith

Hello folks Karl Smith here,


So before you think this is going to be a course just on Street, its not! This course is to help develop Therapists and Hypnotists to build their Confidence, Earn more money and get more Clients.

So I have had the privilege to travel the world and even get celebrity clients in the world of Hypnosis and change work, with what I will teach you.

I didn’t get this work by telling them I’ve got certificates and governing body badges, no believe it or not …I got my International work from Performance, from giving demonstrations and explanations on what I do fast.

That’s what I’m going to teach you over this weekend !

I have performed in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dubai, Germany, Toronto, London and many more places on my travels with performance and education and It gets me more work… Every-time!


The key to success , its not badges or certificates ….. Its CONFIDENCE 

Your new clients want…one thing ….. They want to know you can do it, they want to know that you are the person to invest in.

This course is designed from years of teaching street, impromptu and performance Hypnosis to therapists who want to

  1. Build their confidence 
  2. Show spontaneous demonstrations 
  3. Earn more money 


I have built an international career in what I’m teaching you over the two days, thats a fact. I have given demonstrations to people that have led to me working with Celebrities in music, acting and sport all over the globe! HOW…..

Showing them techniques and ideas that make them know….. I can deliver what I say.

This course.. if you choose to take it, will change you’re career.

This isn’t about egos or I’m the fastest nonsense…. Its about building your confidence and abilities to earn more and develop your client base.

This will earn you money and develop your career if you will expand your knowledge and bank balance.


Its not how much it costs you, its how much will it earn you …… 

Course is in the Historic City of Norwich in Norfolk, the course is in the vibrant area of Norwich City and will, if you chose to come out that evening, there is ample opportunity to test your new skills.


Take Action Today

Book today and the FIRST 10 people who invest get the Course for £347 to first 10 people, THEN its £499. All Students will receive my online course DISCOVER for Free

All Students will receive my online course DISCOVER for Free 

Students will be invited to use their skills on Saturday night if they so wish to, in Norwich City. 

This course is open to beginners to Hypnosis or seasoned therapists !


What this training will cover

  1. Hypnosis Cycle 
  2. Hypnosis Inductions for performance 
  3. Techniques and Ideas to develop your speaker skills or Impromptu skills
  4. How to develop your Speaking or Presentation skills and a template for Presentations, that works!!! 
  5. Learn how to get new clients with techniques
  6. Learn how to amaze people ….. anywhere with Hypnosis 
  7. Develop your confidence and abilities 

And much much more !  


Your Trainer

Karl Smith


Venue is 5 minutes from the Norwich City train station and in the heart of Norwich. Hotels and B’n’Bs are available in the area.


Join us ! Are you one of the lucky 10?

See you in Norwich !

This will change your career and confidence, don’t say I didn’t warn you! 



Performance Hypnosis (Early Bird Ticket) – 10 only!
Performance Hypnosis (Early Bird Ticket) – 10 only!


Performance Hypnosis
Performance Hypnosis


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