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Hello my Hypnotic Friends

Im asked daily about How do I do this, How do I do that and What technique should I use for that issue !!

Join us in our FB Group here Learn Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy updates, videos and general chat!!

We encourage you to join us to get the support, guidance, and support in a family orientated group!!

Our Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy support group is open to all and policed well, we want an inclusive learning environment, we don’t want self-proclaimed leads in here. We want people prepared to help and support, ask questions and watch educational videos with fear of being slammed.

We kicked those ones out ….We have over 3500 people waiting to meet you !!

See you there !!!

Click here I want to join your group now please


Karl Smith

UK Hypnosis Academy

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