Find A Hypnotherapist Directory

A Fast and Efficient way to find a highly skilled Hypnotherapist or Hypnotist in your area, this is a global register for UK Hypnosis Academy Practitioners.

The UK Hypnosis Academy has set high standards, curriculums and assessments to ensure you get the right Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist in your area.

The professional Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist directory comprises of those that have completed with the UK Hypnosis Academy:

  • Professional Hypnotherapist Training
  • Kinetic Shift Practitioners
  • Hypnosis and Hypnotist Training

The UK Hypnosis Academy FIND A HYPNOTHERAPIST is to help you Find the Hypnotherapist in your area or that you feel is the person for you.

The Professional Hypnotherapists that have joined the directory have been through a Curriculum, Assessment and adhere to a Code of Conduct with the UK Hypnosis Academy.

Please take a look at FIND A HYPNOTHERAPIST now to find your local Hypnotherapist.

Only those that have a BLUE or White badge like this, that are on this map and link back to this website are eligible.

If you are a UK Hypnosis Academy Professional Hypnotherapist, Kinetic Shift Practioner or Hypnosis trained you may apply via the Practioner group or emailing

This Directory is not a Governing Body, it is there for you to Find a Hypnotherapist in your area. We comply with the CPD Standards Office.

This ensures Independant and Verified applications of up to date Curriculums, Assessment and Scientific approaches in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Find a Hypnotherapist is a Directory from the UK Hypnosis Academy and is a guide, Members of the public are asked to contact the practitioner directly.

Please take a look at the list and find the right practitoner for you!


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