Fire Walking Events

Fire Walking – We are now a fully insured and in trained fire walking school

Are you an organisation looking for team building events?

Are you a charity looking to raise money?

Are you ready to push the limits and change your life?

Courtesy of FireWalk UK

The UK Hypnosis Academy is now offering Fire Walking and Personal Development for small groups, corporate or media.

Fire Walking and Fire has stirred the imagination of the human race for centuries and beyond, its a very powerful and respected energy in most cultures.

The Fire walking Instructors course was 4 days of personal empowerment, discovery and pushing the limits of your own beliefs.

Dave Ash, Alex Reid and Karl Smith – Fire Walk Instructors

The UK Hypnosis Academy now has access to a team of Fire Walking Instructors that can help, YOU or your Organisation.

This is unique and so rewarding for you and your team!

Its busting through fears and limiting beliefs, you or your team and experiencing.

Is it Dangerous, to sat there are not would completely undermine the experience, but with our experienced team and the guidance you will get there is minimal risk to injury.

To give you context……

On our last evening of the trainers course, we walked 108 consecutive fire walks in less than 2 hours.

Fire Walking Classes
Preparing the Firewalk

Are you ready to talk to the team about running your own Personal Development, Corporate Event or Charity Event?

Are you interested in becoming a FIRE WALK INSTRUCTOR?


If you want to run an EVENT…….

Call our Team and Discuss how we can help you ….


Karl Smith

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