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How to Hypnotise or Hypnotise faster is a common question, those that have been taught with scripts or progressive muscle relaxation techniques.

Rapid Hypnosis and Instant Hypnosis are an amazing way to not only prove Hypnosis to your client but it boosts the confidence of the therapist or hypnotist.

Rapid Hypnosis or Instant Hypnosis is a great way to really see and experience Hypnosis for your client, it gives them the belief… something happened. If I had a $ for every time someone said, I went to a Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist and nothing happened is mind-boggling.

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So we need to show confidence and ability, these videos will help you do that!

So the late great hypnotist, Dave Elman defined Rapid Hypnosis as a complete induction from start to finish in 3 mins… very achievable if you follow this FREE step by step guide.

Don’t be left confused, worried or downhearted in future when your Hypnosis session buckles or doesn’t go the way you planned.

Just watch these 5 steps that will help you and give you the results you and your client, want!!

Watch these 5 steps and change the way you work today !!!

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One thought on “How to Hypnotise – Step by Step videos

  1. Fantastic, so helpful! For years, the clients I see (trauma recovery specialist) have seemed to be in a state of “hypnosis by trauma” – they are desperately trying to live while in a deep murky trance of past events. The abuse convinced them, gave them beliefs. Then, when they have moments of surfacing as who they are now, coming to and seeing the relationships around them, they are bombarded with “hypnosis by culture” and fall in to a trance of trying to figure out what is ‘normal’. I had a sense of what had been missing – THEIR OWN HYPNOSIS! It’s a natural state that has been exploited, first by people who abused and then by people who just need them to move on already! So, more than just amplifying a natural state, hypnotherapy is the chance for them to claim that state as their own space to occupy., maybe for the first time in their life, they have a chance to see for themselves, the gap between their origin stories and their current dilemmas. AbFab Karl!

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