How to Hypnotize Yourself to Quickly Eliminate Fear and Phobia

How to Hypnotize Yourself to Quickly Eliminate Fear and Phobia

If you have any phobia or fear that bothers you from time to time, and would like you to stop, here is a great method that can help you. Whether it’s a fear or a phobia, this procedure can get rid of it quickly and easily.

The first step is to clarify what you want to get rid of. Is it a fear of snakes? A fear of flying? A fear or phobia of snakes, spiders or escalators? Do not feel bad, most people have a secret fear of being afraid to share with others.

I have it? AGREE. Now is the time to think again when that fear or phobia was created. When was the first time that fear became real for you? Take the fear of snakes as an example. As a demonstration, suppose you were scared of snakes first when a guy from your stable threw a snake at you when you were eight years old. Since then, even the idea of snakes paralyzes you with fear.

Now imagine that you are sitting alone in a movie theater. Well, almost alone. Later, a few rows in front of you, is you And you’re watching a movie the first time you learned to be afraid of snakes. Then you see yourself watching a movie of yourself when you were younger.

Next, watch the movie playback, at normal speed. This is to train your brain to think about that event from a dissociated perspective, so it has less emotional impact when you remember it.

Next, watch the movie in reverse. Or, in fact, look at you watching the film upside down. This has the effect of further fattening that memory, so it will be harder for your unconscious memory to associate snakes with that horrible incident.

Now that you have seen the film in reverse, look back, but in black and white and double speed. Take a crazy music of the 20s if you wish. Look back several times in double or triple speed, so it really speeds up the memory of that event.

The goal of all this is to make that absurd memory impossible to disturb more. To make sure it worked, close your eyes and imagine a snake crawling on your lap. If it still bothers you, simply enter and change the memory a little more.

Once you become familiar with this, you can enter and change any memory that is causing you problems. Have fun!

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