Hypnosis on Hypnotists – The Illusion of UK Hypnosis Accreditation

UK Hypnotherapy Accreditation bodies has 000s of Hypnotherapists in Hypnosis 

Hypnosis on Hypnotists is an amazing phenomena within the UK especially when it comes to hypnotherapy accreditation or registers, when it comes to courses or clients.

As we know, there are NO… yes, NO.. UK Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis accreditation bodies with legal statutory rights. If you didn’t know then lets delve deeper because if you’re paying your hard earned cash into UK accreditation you are wasting your time.

At present there is not a single Hypnotherapy “Professional body or Accrediting Body” that has any

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Clinical  governance

No organisation has any that supports them or has guided governmental framework or criteria, to ensure correct current and competence practices of Hypnotherapists or Hypnotists.

Dont believe me …..check or put it to the test , ask your governing body for the Clinical governance or legal framework….. You wont get it.

Most of the Organisations that offer theses services are from the old School of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training that wanted to keep old style methods of training or saw a gap in the market… now who can blame them, passive income with little output.

So when you have parted with your hard earned cash what does the big badge offer, well apart from a backlink to your website or  something to show your prospective clients to say your part of a Professional body, not a lot, but hang on there isn’t a professional governing body with legal governance ……

So is that misrepresentation on your part to your clients, if you are showing a Professional Badge?

Should the badge have a excerpt with “Not Authorised by Minister of Health or has any legal binding, Teaching Framework” Something to consider I suppose….

I mean you have more rights and protection being in flower arranging club compared to the passive income accreditation companies and lets not forget the famous incident when a cat was able to registered as a Hypnotherapist….. So it must be stringent checking and professional.  Cat Story Here

So, Is this just a rant because I have courses that are not Accredited by these bodies or Registered ? Far from it …. Im the one shouting FOR reform and I Don’t want to be associated as my training is flexible and updated, plus my hours exceed most required by those organisations.

I have taught 000s of people and the sorry thing is, I retrain lots of people who have learned so much theory that the practical element of Hypnotherapy was forgotten, not even the fundamentals it’s abysmal.

Sausage factories of innocent Hypnotherapists being led to failure through poor, outdated and very poorly taught courses. This the reason we hear so many stories from clients….. I went to a Hypnotherapist …. They read from a bit of paper, I wasn’t Hypnotised, I thought about my shopping and car tax or I was being polite and listened to the therapist’s problems.…. Most of these are Accredited Hypnotherapists doing this.

I see so many students with all the badges, all the letters and all the talk….. but can’t Hypnotise!

Now I have taken the time to work with Insurance companies…..but the truth is YOU don’t need to actually attend any training to be qualified in the UK….. the reasons you attend a course here in the UK is for Advice, Guidance and Confidence, as the certificate is for attendance and proof you attended for insurance purposes.

Does paying all that money for a big badge and back link give you any more credibility with peers or clients? Well Clients Yes….. Your peers should know better, but clients they look at it and think Must be real…. My advice, Make your own up…Its just as real as the paid for one.

The badge is there to offer the client reassurance, it doesn’t mean that the Hypnotherapist is current and competent though as there is no requirement in this trade for Continuous Professional Development(CPD)

ONLY if you want to join a club do you need CPD,but it’s not a necessity to trade or work in this industry, I will say …..you should do as many courses with as many people as YOU can but dont think its necessary to practice.

Choosing a course or hypnotherapist is far simplier….. LOOK at their testimonials, Look for Social proof or word of mouth….NOT badges, badge mean nothing and you can get one made on Fiverr.com

Some of the leading names in Hypnotherapy were never part of the UK Hypnotherapy Accreditation but they still practised.

So you’re Qualified or about to embark on a Hypnotherapy course – go with your gut instinct and testimonials not badges….

The only way to remain current and competent in this Industry is to see clients and go watch as many different training companies approaches outside of the UK, then the money you save by not being in a made up body…… Use on Facebook, Twitter or Yellow pages adverts.

Now …… Is it more ethical being part or an organisation which you tell your clients is a Professional organisation or tell the truth to our clients?

Im all for reform but keeping Hypnotherapists in Hypnosis to make money is slightly unethical in my opinion.

If you disagree I don’t mind, the fact is…… there is NO Clinical, Legal or Medical governance in hypnotherapy and the accreditations are family run businesses.

Don’t get caught in Hypnosis on Hypnotists…… Is Bandler, Grindler, McKenna, Elman or Erickson in these associations…..NO, They may affiliate…. but they don’t need it to practice.

Use your money on YOU and YOUR Business ….. don’t get caught in the mass Hysteria.

Look at real testimonials in video format….from real people.

All the best folks!

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