Hypnotherapy Scripts – It’s time to burn them

Hypnotherapy is about being CREATIVE, INTUITIVE and  INQUISITIVE but the Old fashioned Hypnotherapy Scripts kill that, now there is not to say there isn’t a place in Hypnotherapy Training for it but as soon as the training is finished they should be banished and burnt, let me talk you through what they can’t do and what YOU can do to make your clients benefit more.

Hypnotherapy scripts are great at the start of any new Hypnotherapy journey they give you

Pace – They give you Timing and Balance
Structure – They Give you a formal process to follow
Verbs – They expand your Hypnotic Language
Safety – They give you that comforting feeling

So they have a place, They DO  – In the first few days of your Hypnotherapy career …… then you should ditch them !!!! 

What they don’t do 

Creativity – They stifle creativity, they stop you being diverse and opening up new avenues.

Intuition – They don’t allow you in those early days to learn how your client is reacting or responding to your suggestions, You can’t watch your client and those important twitches, movements or emotions that may last milliseconds.

Inquisitive – This key to being a good therapist ….WHY ….Why did that just work, Why did they just do that….. was it good…was that bad….. what can I use again …..what won’t I do again ……

You need the last three elements to be successful, you need to be client focused , you need to watch their movements and learn when to react

Now some may say….Thats all well and good for you Karl as you are doing this daily, but thats the key to it…… Hard work and commitment and not being a part timer, dedicate a proportion of your day to your art.

Too many training colleges and academies talk a good therapy and teach outdated materials which in todays world don’t work, How many of you got a big badge, put on a register and didn’t get clients …..its because your school didn’t teach you how to be Creative, Intuition and to be Inquisitive…..they taught you how to be a drone.

Exactly to what a Good Hypnotherapist should NOT be …….. A script reading drone…..

My students by the end of DAY 3 of the Diploma course will NOT need a script ever again…..thats a fact and you can see that with the amazing testimonials I have and successful students!

So…. How do you do it ….Well 2 options

  1. Drop your scripts and start watching your client
  2. Join us on a Diploma course or the Kinetic Shift Practitioners course.


Its doesn’t matter if you have trained before, I spend a lot of time re training students on How to Hypnotise after long courses of theory with minimal practical, YOU can still join us

All I will say….. Look at Kinetic Shift and Its elements and How it WILL help you become a Successful and Dynamic therapist, laying on a bed or sitting in chair Hypnosis is old school in todays world.

Develop yourself and book on Kinetic Shift Practitioners course today and Burn those Hypnotherapy Scripts FOREVER – FACT

Check this out then book on a Script Burning Course – Kinetic Shift Practitioners


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