Hypnothoughts Live 2017 – Hypnosis Conference

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Conference – Hypnothoughts Live 2017 was immense…..

This was the fifth year the UK Hypnosis Academy has been represented at the largest Independent  Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Conference in the world.

This year the conference had over 850 therapists attend the conference in the ORLEANS HOTEL, Las Vegas, Nevada.

There were presentations from highly experienced trainers and from those with ideas and concepts, either way ….. it was inclusive and all were appreciated.

This year I had the privilege of presenting twice, One on post trauma and my new book NO D in PTSD and the other was F.A.S.T ideas with Kevin Laye.

There are so many Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Energy, Ideas and Concepts ….. its mind blowing and life changing.

Its been an amazing turnaround from the first year of HT LIVE when only 150/200 attended, in 2018 Scott Sandland and his amazing team would like to breach 1000 attendees.

The amazing thing about HT LIVE … is the family orientated way it run and people are received, If you into badges, associations or even out of date curriculums this isn’t for you…. Its so refreshing to know people can express themselves without fear.

This years Highlights for me …

Melissa Tiers, David Snyder, Mike Mandel, James Tripp, James Hazlerig, Richard Barker and Jason Linett… now I have not listed all of them, but I had the pleasure of sitting in their classes to absorb their immense knowledge and abilities.

Please check out these names in the Hypnosis community !

This year for me it was great to see my family, yes… My hypnosis family again and listen to their stories and ideas.

The ideas and concepts are up to date and the spin placed on ideas and concepts by some of the presenters are really inspiring.

This has been an amazing experience again and with my heart I tell you, save up and go !!!!

Its immense……

To my team who were there Thank you, To Kevin Laye for being my wing man and for my hypnosis friends and family …. THANK YOU….

Until we meet under an Alligator and the smell coconut in the aircon …. take care !

Scott, Richard and the one…. the Only Stephanie….THANK YOU again

Its an evolution, not a revolution


Karl Smith


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