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So youn want a career change?

Intrigued with Hypnosis?

You want to help people?

So its always interesting when I meet people and they want to be a Hypnotherapist, they think they need super powers or wear tweed jackets and learn to nod at speed….

You don’t

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and can be learned very quickly and you can learn to help people with weeks of completing your training with us.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training can vary, some believe you must train for years, months or in days. All are true….. Your first course will only be as foundation to your new career anyway and you will soon develop your new skills and methods.

When I first started out I was with a company over 10 months learning what I thought was Hypnotherapy, I learned how to create scripts and talk slowly overt the 10 months, but I didn’t learn how to Hypnotise someone…. thats a fact.

So the length on the course is irrelevant, completely and utterly irrelevant …. The first thing you need to look at

UK Hypnosis Academy - Hypnosis Training
  1. Does the lead trainer, have a succesful practice
  2. Do they have active social media
  3. Known on the world circuit
  4. Active on YouTube, In other words can they demonstrate the skills before you buy
  5. A Curriculum and Structure to a course
  6. Qaulified Trainer or Teacher

The reason I mention an active hypnotherapy practice is because so many can teach Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy but most don’t have a successful practice. So ask for their practice details and social media.

Next, Hypnosis circuits or conventions ! Why because so many have trained themselves from a book or have only been taught one discipline and regurgitate the same and often out of date material. Ask if they teach or work on the International circuit! That’s not to say they are active …. as life isn’t like that. Just they are known.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Channel on YouTube, not a necessity but will indicate who they are, are they active and can they practice what they preach. Its important that you get a feel for the instructor or method in their training prior to applying for their course.

UK HYPNOSIS ACADEMY - Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training

Curriculum and Structure, now this is important because it showed the level and depth off knowledge in a training environment. I have 20 years trainers certification in several disciplines and some of my team have more than that. So we understand what it takes and the importance of a robust curriculum.

Now teacher qualifications, this is when you find out the professionals from the working from the back of a cigarette box. Look with trainers with FORMAL teacher qualification with a minimum standard of Adult Education Level 3 and above.

UK Hypnosis Academy - Hypnosis Training

So a very short blog on How to be a Hypnotherapist so I hope it helps you on your travel ! Just remember to do your own homework and ask for social proof and they the trainer can run their own business.

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I wish you well on your journey in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training !

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All the best in the Future,

Karl Smith

Lead Trainer at the UK Hypnosis Academy

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