Mental Welfare Coach

An Evolution in Mental Health Training, not a Revolution

Mental Welfare Coaching offers you, your organisation or the uniformed services a unique and dynamic approach to mental health training and awareness.

We have taught this product in over 25 countries and have supported, many individuals and organisations including UK Police, Fire and Ambulance services.

Our main training team consists of medical professionals, neuro linguistic specialists, mind fullness trainers, world class coaches and trainers.

Mental Welfare Coaching available

Mental Welfare Coaching is a unique coaching and education system that will support you, your organisation or the uniformed services.

We will help you build positive mental health and awareness, at home or the workplace with:

  • Physical health education – Improving your physical wellbeing
  • Emotional health – Develop positive behaviours and emotions
  • Spiritual connection – Developing a sense of purpose and inner values
  • Intellectual activities – Keeping the mind and body active
  • Social development – Embracing Social life and Social Well-Being
Mental Welfare Coaching

We will give you, your family and organistion the most up to date Mental Health Awareness training.

This course has been designed by medical professionals, managing directors, experienced coaches, military and emergency services personal so we can give you the best service.

We don’t just educate you why you’re doing what you’re doing, we explain how you can self help to elevate issues immediately.

Mental Welfare Coach

We are here to support you and educate you in modern day practices and developments in Mental Health Awareness.

Our medical team will update our training as the science develops and our training team will be updated as it happens.

We will offer you support, training and guidance with you Mental Health Awareness and Training

We are to help you !

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