Neuro-Change and Hypnotherapy


We all aspire to change sometimes; we would like to be more confident, less anxious or better at something.

Why is it that sometimes we can learn new things easily and other times it is an uphill struggle?

The mysteries of the mind or brain are complex and what we understand about the brain and its capacity for learning is changing at a remarkable rate. Much of what was understood about the brain and how it works has been found to be incomplete or just plain wrong!  It was believed that after childhood our brains could not change but nothing could be further from the truth.

Neuroplasticity is simply the brains ability to change, through advancements in technology like FMRI we now know that when we change our mind we literally change the structure of our brain!

The most exciting thing to be discovered is that with each and every thought and experience we have our brain weaves a rich tapestry of neural networks that shape and mould the person we are. But the question is what are we creating chaos or a masterpiece?

The most prevalent driving force to make changes in your brain is your behaviour. Our brains are shaped by everything we do and everything we don’t do.

Most people spend very little time reflecting on their thoughts, who thinks about thinking? Most believe and accept that our internal thoughts to be insignificant and powerless. The mind works upon the information you feed into it every day and this is what creates the reality of your life. Your thoughts directly affect how you feel and how you behave. Everything that you think, true or false, good or bad is processed by the conscious mind and embedded in the subconscious. With every repetition of thought or behaviour it reinforces that neural pathway. Your mind being the efficient machine that it is will seek out and follow the pathway that offers the least resistance that is why old thought patterns seem to overpower new patterns that you want to establish.

When we understand that on some level our mind cannot tell the difference between reality and imagined reality, the past and the present, then we can truly begin to acknowledge the power we have within to make changes to destructive thought patterns that hold us back.

Buddha said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” – We do literally become what we think.

What I find incredibly exciting is that with this knowledge is coming a new revolution in therapeutic interventions, breaking the mould from conventional therapies we can now elicit effective changes faster that we ever believed possible.

The continual progression of these techniques serve to provide a time poor society with fast and rapid solutions, no longer do we need years of talk based therapies.  As our brains have adapted to this fast paced environment where we can buy instantly and get deliveries in hours, rapid techniques meets the demands of modern day life.

We all have access to this magic that is within us, the ability to change, so I hope after reading this you realise just how amazing your brain really is and go out and build the brain and the life that you really want!


Bev Gisborne

Hypnotherapist, UKHA trainer and Social Media Expert

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