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Working with Military and Emergency Services. If you work in the uniformed or emergency services you will know how the pressure can build up. Sometimes it can get so bad it turns into Post Traumatic Stress. You do not have to live with this. You do not have to suffer.

This book will show you that you are not alone. Written by former soldier and police officer Karl Smith, it offers no-nonsense advice and can set you on the path to recovery. Karl is one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists. He has developed a form of rapid treatment called Kinetic Shift which gets fantastic results. He details how this works and invites some of the UK’s other top therapists to explain how they deal with PTSD.

He also interviews those on the frontline who have used their experiences of PTSD to develop services to make sure they protect those who come after them. This is a practical guide and I hope a convincer. By that I mean a convincer that you do not need to be burdened with this problem any more. I have tried to make it as accessible and easy to use as I can, so here is a quick guide to steer you through.

Click here to get your book tomorrow from Amazon – There is NO D in PTSD

While you wait for the book, see Karl’s blog post regarding his thoughts on PTSD.

Thank you …… Remember Post Trauma can be resolved !


Karl Smith

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There is NO D in PTSD

Working with Military and Emergency Services




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