The CPD Standards Office Accreditation

The UK Hypnosis Academy has been passed the rigorous process with the CPD Standards office, to deliver Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Continuous Development Courses (CPD).

What the UK Hypnosis Academy has submitted

The UK Hypnosis Academy has met the standards of the CPD Standards Office after we submitted Curriculums, Assessment Criteria and Policies that met the national standard.

Continuous Professional Development is important in any profession and the UK Hypnosis is proud to be associated and to have passed the selection process.

Anyone could start a training college or academy, but not many meet the national standard, but we do.

Learn more about CPD and What the CPD Standards Office offer, here CPD Standards Office

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A special thanks to our Training Manager Andy Latto for his support, guidance and patience in getting us through this process. Thank you!!

All the best everyone!

Karl Smith

UK Hypnosis Academy

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