UK Hypnosis Convention

UK Hypnosis Convention

The UK Hypnosis Convention (UKHC) 2018

The UK Hypnosis Convention 2018 have confirmed dates and venue!

If you are new or seasoned to Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy or Change work this is a great event to attend,

There are many great trainers from all background and travelling from all over the world to attend !

This event is truly independent and is really inspiring, Nick Ebdon has done a great job in bringing this all together with Bob Burns keeping him in check !

If you have not attended before…. I recommend you do! Its independent and not just one egos dream !

Join the hundreds of truly inspiring people and listen to world class speakers !

Here is a list of presenters here

Buy your ticket here to join the event here 

See you there folks

Kind Regards

Karl Smith

UK Hypnosis Academy



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