Water Fast – 3 Day Approach

So I was watching the Hype behind the 3 day WATER FAST now this is not a diet, its a fast.

Most cultures FAST…. this is slightly more aggressive than not eating for 10/12 hours techniques and concepts its 3 days of JUST water ……JUST WATER!!!

The Body Detox Water Fast – It cleanses the system, it allows organs to have some time off to repair and re calibrates the body. Well it did for me.

So I looked at the results and the research conducted around the water fast and then went for it.

Now its important to stress do your own research on this subject but I will give you my thoughts on it at the end.

This is only water – no additives, no fruit…. JUST WATER

I have GPs that checked me over, warned me to stop if I became Ill or report to A&E if I got really bad…. Now thats worst case scenario but still worthwhile to add to your planning.

So the lead up, Its important not to just start a water fast without preparing for your fast period. You have to prepare by eating smaller portions, drinking more water and mentally preparing yourself. Always Always ….. Always seek medical advice if your unsure !

So I prepared for 4 days leading up to my water fast, lots of nutrition and lots of water…. preparing myself for what seemed to be eternity without food.

Its important to note, drink little often in this process and around about 2/2.5 Litres  a day will be suffice as we dont want to flush good electrolytes from the body.

So Day 1 Water FAST

0800 – 3 Litres of the finest Buxton Mineral water sat on my desk and as the clock moved to my carefully selected time…. the water fast began.

1200 Its the first lunch period and my stomach is making noises, now Im not worried about that but the psychology kicks in. I want food…..so I drank water.

1400 Im really tired, so I take a well earned snooze in the office, this is unusual for me but my body is saying rest.

1500 I get back to my desk but Im lethargic and craving a sandwich, Now I love food so this was a test!

1600 we are wrapping it up in the office and I need to drink and sleep, food is now the last thing on my mind.

I went home and just chilled out and watched NETFLIX while I sat in this state, it wasn’t happy…Its not the best place to be. I was hungry and all I had was water, which in day 1 wasn’t fun….. but It got better.

Day 2 Water FAST

0800 I was in work daunted by the fact that 2.5 litres of pure mountain water were my only joy of the day… No bacon sandwich, no snacks and no tea and coffee.

Now and Il be honest during my preparation I didn’t adjust properly, I didn’t cut back on coffee and sugar enough. I was starting to get light headaches and I presume it was from the Caffeine withdrawal and no sugar, but I stuck with it and monitored it myself.

Now this is where it gets interesting ….. My cravings had reduced for food but I was lethargic …. I wanted to sleep, no wonder no energy! So I went to the office and did what my body told me…. I slept!

Its important to note that you will be tired in this process and give your self enough time to do this.

1500 on day two….. I can smell food from the bakers nearby, so….. I drank some water. Thats all you can do folks.

Its time to knuckle down and just get on with it, the headaches have gone but this need for food is there…. but surprisingly Im not bouncing off the walls!

I have also noticed Buxton water, even though its nice…Is starting to taste like a chemical, so I switch Highland Springs Water.

My tongue is white from toxins being released from my system, so I scrub that with a tooth brush.

Day 2 for me was write off…. sleep and drink, but be mindful now…. when you decide to expel air from your body. Thats all I will say on that subject, Day 2 toxins and water want to leave your body !

Day 2 was the worst day!!! Just punch through that…….

Day 3 Water Fast

Now surprisingly Im up early and Im in the office, No hunger and my water is going down a treat.

I feel clearer, I feel focused and I have this restored energy – I have been checking my urine for Ketosis and It appears we are in full ketosis. My body is actually eating fat and dumping toxins out of the system…

“Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead, this results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body. people encourage ketosis by following a diet called the ketogenic or low-carb diet.”

I have an abundance of energy and my thoughts are clear, Im focused and actually enjoying this process now.

I continue to work all day and go home, without a craving, NONE…..ALL day !!!

So it gets to home time again, with just a full on day with clarity and energy, Im on the final stretch…NEXT STOP …Bed !

Now this is why I did it in the morning first thing! I can sleep the last few hours off!

So its time to wake up….Its just prior to 8. Its fruit and eggs, in a small doses all day! Just building up my GUT FLORA slowly with good food and good quality probiotics, invest in good ones!

So to review

Day 1 and 2 were honestly not the best days to be near me, I was tired and snappy but felt in control.

Day 3 was Immense and I felt amazing genuinely, I had given my body a rest… yes I shocked it with stopping my food intake….. but I felt energised..So I would do it again!

So FASTING is good for the body and is it really necessary to do it for 3 days or more, well like anything conflicting science and doctors prove it hard to get a valid answer.

So …..do what you want, but be careful and speak to a doctor about this.

Do more research than I have given you, but thats for a reason….I want you to research and make sure its right for you!

I will be doing it again in 6 months, It was the first day that really tested me but after that I rested my body and chilled out with movies and day time TV….not Jeremy Kyle I may add!

Be safe, research and seek medical advice! This internet has pro/cons… its confusing so I did it and enjoyed what it did for my body!

All the best my friends






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