What is hypnosis?

That is a vast, vast question

Hypnosis in my opinion is Pure focus with your eyes open or closed….Eyes open you say?

Yes ….lets look at this everyday we walk around the supermarket, go to a club or even eat out we are subjected to subliminal, suggestions or leads.

Even during the #Brexit talks we were subjected to an emotional rollercoaster and ideas …..When our prime minister talks to us on the TV they are talking to us and only us in our front rooms via the biggest hypnosis medium in the world, your Tv.

Hypnosis is about altering states which can be achieved by heightening senses or unlocking your subconscious, unconscious or little chimp that roams around, that makes us,  make those instantaneous decisions to get us to the mainframe that drives you.

Have you ever been to a supermarket and gone to buy 10 things and come out with 20……  that’s suggestion, now we all know shopping hungry won’t help…. but you will be drawn in by colours and smells.

Ever been to Costa,M&Ms or even McDonalds…..ever wondered why there are such intense colours and smells, look out for vents pumping their produce around you and where the produce is . Just a thought…..

I firmly believe that we are in Hypnosis ALL the time ….. when we perform that ritualistic hypnosis induction, it takes us out of hypnosis. My job is to De-hypnotise……

Once we have PURE FOCUS eyes open or closed we can pathe the way to give suggestions, When I use speed or confusion I have pure focus. Hypnosis is merely – PURE FOCUS eyes open or closed.

So why would I close their eyes? Simply to amplify the state ….. That is all, by shutting down visual the audio is increased causing pure focus…. nothing more nothing less.

Hypnosis is made out to be hard, to be for certain individuals or so so complex….. Its not, its very simple.

I have left this blog open and short….. why? So you can focus on what just happened and discussed, then make your own choices and decisions…. funny that.

Just a thought …….. Did I suggest something?

All the best,

Karl Smith

UK Hypnosis Academy 

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